Al Nakhil Tahina  1/2 cup
Garlic 4 cloves
Lemon 1 pc.
Salt 1/2 teaspoon
Water  1/2 cup

1. Prepare the tahina: Al Nakhil tahina consists of 100% roasted hulled sesame seeds. Since no preservatives are added to the tahina, oil separation will naturally occur. This does not mean that the tahina can no longer be used. To properly bring back the creamy consistency of the tahina, you need to mix properly with a spoon until everything is homogenized. Never remove the separated oil to prevent the tahina from solidifying and losing its consistency. Once done mixing, you will notice that the tahina is back to its original form. Simply shaking the jar is NOT enough because the bottom would be very thick.

2. Add the tahina, crushed garlic cloves, squeezed lemons, salt, and water to a big bowl.

3. Whisk altogether until homogeneous.

4. Tip: For people who prefer a more liquid tarator consistency, add more water. For those who like it thick, reduce the amount of water or add more tahina.

5. Enjoy this sauce with shawarma, falafel, fish, and other Mediterranean dishes.

Bon appetit